Brad Hessel, NC Senate 18



I am running for election to the General Assembly because I believe in the people of North Carolina. I believe in their spirit, their ingenuity, and their compassion. We succeed best in solving humanity’s most critical challenges through voluntary social cooperation and free market innovation…and I want North Carolina to be a place where people can pursue such success with dignity, respect, and understanding.

North Carolina Libertarians are particularly proud of the many ways in which neighbors help neighbors, families encourage families, and how people are strengthened when coming together with mutual respect and understanding in our state. While celebrating our tradition of sacrifice for freedom and liberty, we welcome diversity and change, respecting the dignity of all individuals.

Government far too often stifles innovation through regulation, subverts compassion through bureaucracy, and suppresses achievement through economic manipulation. This limits our potential both to work together voluntarily to achieve shared successes and to achieve our own individual fulfillment.

Libertarians believe that government should never be allowed to stand as obstacles to the people of North Carolina…obstacles to who we are, who we can be, and what we can achieve, so long as each individual respects the rights of others. And we believe in the Platinum Rule: treat others the way they want to be treated.

If elected I will work hard to restrain government from taking and spending more of your money and from telling you how to live your own life.

Please vote for me for NC Senate in district 18.