How can voters get a real choice on Election Day?



  • North Carolina’s electoral district lines are drawn by whichever party controls the legislature.
  • The result is districts that unfairly favor one party or the other, no competition in our elections, and no real voice for voters at the ballot box.
  • Draw electoral district maps in a fair and impartial way and the freedom of voters to hold their government accountable and to have a say in who represents them will be protected.

Gerrymandering discourages people from voting and erodes confidence in our elections

The partisan manner in which both establishment parties have draw districts has eroded faith and confidence in North Carolina’s elections. People are more likely to vote if they believe their votes will count. They are more likely to vote if they believe they can elect people who understand, care about, and represent their interests. When voters have a choice, elected officials are more responsive and accountable to their constituents.

NC elections feature many uncontested races and favor highly partisan candidates

Letting politicians drew their own district lines creates a conflict of interest. Lawmakers effectively select their own constituents instead of the other way around. Having so many districts engineered to guarantee the election of a Democrat or Republican also results in one-third-to-one-half of the seats in the General Assembly being contested by only one establishment party candidate in November. The only election that might be competitive in those districts is the primary for the dominant party: and as the folks who turn out for primaries mostly the zealous party faithful, only highly partisan, uncompromising candidates stand a realistic chance to win. No wonder the NCGA is so dysfunctional and poorly regarded!

Choice will restore confidence in both our elections and our government

North Carolina needs a transparent, fair, impartial, and non-partisan way to draw district lines. It should promote—not erode—confidence in our political system. Voters want assurance their vote will count. They want the chance to vote for people they chose to represent them. They want districts that reflect existing political and geographical regions—which our state constitution is supposed to guarantee—so that people of like interests won’t be arbitrarily split into different districts, diluting their voting power. They want to believe those elected will serve the best interests of the people, rather than those of their party bosses. The bitter partisan divisions and costly, lengthy, costly legal battles that have plagued our state must end.

Let the people choose 

  • North Carolina should adopt an independent nonpartisan redistricting process. Authorize that independent body to draw all district lines with no input from any legislator. The process should be open and transparent, with the opportunity for citizens to comment on proposed district maps.
  • Draw districts lines based solely on population, compactness, and existing community boundaries. Districts should not be based on party, race or incumbency.
  • Prohibit the General Assembly from making any changes to the plan aside from technical corrections, and require legislators to either approve or disapprove the plan as is


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